Junxue ZHANG is the co-founder/CTO of Clustar Technology Co., Ltd. Junxue obtained his Ph.D. from computer science at iSINGLab, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology under supervision of Prof. Kai CHEN. His research interests are data center networking, AI systems and privacy preserving computation. He is in the TSC of federated machine learning framework: FATE.

Before joining HKUST, he received his BSc and MSc from Southeast University.

Looking for top talents to join us @Clustar!
Positions are avaialble at Hong Kong Office: Privacy-Preserving Computation + System/Networking.
Please directly contact me if you are interested.

Selected Publications

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  1. LiteFlow: Towards High-performance Adaptive Neural Networks for Kernel Datapath
    Junxue Zhang, Chaoliang Zeng, Hong Zhang, Shuihai Hu, Kai Chen
    SIGCOMM 2022
    [paper] [code]

  2. Practical Lossless Federated Singular Vector Decomposition Over Billion-Scale Data
    Di Chai, Leye Wang, Junxue Zhang, Liu Yang, Shuowei Cai, Kai Chen, Qiang Yang
    KDD 2022
    [paper] [code]

  3. Multi-Objective Congestion Control
    Yiqing Ma, Han Tian, Xudong Liao, Junxue Zhang, Weiyan Wang, Kai Chen, Xin Jin
    EuroSys 2022

  4. Sphinx: Enabling Privacy-Preserving Online Learning over the Cloud
    Han Tian, Chaoliang Zeng, Zhenhang Ren, Di Chai, Junxue Zhang, Kai Chen, Qiang Yang
    S&P 2022

  5. Enabling ECN for Datacenter Networks with RTT Variations
    Junxue Zhang, Wei Bai, Kai Chen
    CoNEXT 2019
    [paper] [code]

  6. Resilient Datacenter Load Balancing in the Wilds
    Hong Zhang, Junxue Zhang, Wei Bai, Kai Chen, Chowdhury Mosharaf
    SIGCOMM 2017
    [paper] [code]

Industry Experience

2018 - Now, Co-founder/CTO, Clustar Technology Co., Ltd

Professional Services & Activities

  1. IEEE Transaction on Big Data Reviewer

  2. Knowledge-Based Systems Reviewer

  3. FL-IJCAI 2021, FL-IJCAI 2022, FL-AAAI 2022 TPC Member

  4. FATE Maintainer


  1. SIGCOMM 17 Travel Grants, 2017

  2. Postgraduate Fellowship, HKUST

  3. Google Excellent Student Scholarship, 2012

  4. National Scholarship 2014, 2011


Junxue is an amateur photographer mainly at landscape and sometimes portrait. He likes coffee, and is a fresh man in latte art. He also has a not very large collection of Lego. Junxue has 1 cat named Little Silver (小盐) & 2 dogs named Little White (小白) and Big White (大白).